Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy

                                                                                                Who Am I

I can't tell you how many times that people stop me on the street & ask 'Hey Mike, who are you really?' Ok, that never happens but boy would that be cool if it did!

But since you are reading this and because on these things I am supposed to tell you a bit of boring
things about myself, I will share just a tad.

I am a guy who Loves the Lord, Loves my family, and really-really likes selling real estate.

I have many interests: Backpacking in the mountains, playing the piano, kickboxing, road biking.
I am a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and although not quick nor agile, I can hold my own.

I see the beauty in things, I try to slow down-although it is hard, and I love to laugh, a lot. I am also
tall. Not freakishly so, but pretty up there.

I met my wife when she was 12 years old, although I waited until she was 14 to kiss her. It was at
the Weeki Wachi Christian Campground, in front of a fire. It was pretty great. She works with me
now and she is in a word: Wonderful.

We lead music worship once a month at our church where our two daughters help with singing
and playing the guitar. Can't get my son to get up there with us yet, but one day.....

I come from a family of Realtors where at one point 10 Murphy's were active in the business. Frankly,
we are all pretty darn good at it.

I went to local schools through high school, went to college here, have put down deep roots and
like seeing friends from time to time that I went to school with 30 plus years ago.

I enjoy making dreams come true for my customers. I like taking the stress on my shoulders and
letting them relax through the process. I enjoy the staging, the photography, the marketing and
the negotiation.

I do not work with just anyone. Because I truly care about my customers, it's important to me that
I actually like them. So if we are working together, trust me - I Really Like You.

By the way, my typical listing sells in less than 30 days at 98% of list price.

So there you go. That's who I am.